Sales and Leasing Professionals of Northern NY.


Trisha Jarvis (315) 779-1592 Watertown Auto
Al Sharlow (315) 785-9700 Drive America
Becky Smith (315) 836-2634 Davidson
Brian Magovney (315) 405-4142 Five Star   Auto
Carvell Brice (315) 788-2220 Watertown Auto
Chuck Davis (315) 836-2620 Davidson
Dawn Young (315) 788-7400 FX Caprara
Jarrod Barker (315) 788-9400 Davidson
Josh Bogart (315) 8362932 Davidson
Kelly Granger (315) 785-9700 Drive America
Kim Nicol (315) 788-7400 FX Caprara
Mark Webb (315) 788-7400 FX Caprara
Matthew Lee (315) 608 2824 Davidson
Stan Cosper (315) 788-7400 FX Caprara
Vince Knipes (315) 7828436 FX Caprara
Ron Gaines (315) 782-8436 FX Caprara
Romeo Perlas (315) 785-9700 Drive America

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  2 Responses to “Sales and Leasing Professionals of Northern NY.”

  1. Can you recommend a sales person?

  2. thanks to you Joe @, and Mark Webb @ FX, I own a great car, over and above my expectations. I learned so much from this website that I still come here to check stuff out, even tho I’m no longer car shopping. thanks everyone!

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