Jan 052012


EDITOR WES RAYNAL: This 2012 Chevrolet Traverse LTZ is a nice enough midsize to large ute, and the sticker could be easily adjusted down–this particular one is fully loaded. I like the way the car looks–nice and clean–though I was concerned about rearward visibility with the kickup in the rear. So I had a female friend sit in it–all 5 foot, 2 inches of her. She said she could see fine out of the back. So there’s that.GM has said before that of the three Lambda SUVs, the Traverse has the most controlled ride, not as soft as the Buick Enclave, but softer than the GMC Acadia. I thought it rode nicely, not too harshly, not too soft. It’s refined. In fact, like other crossovers, this seems to drive like a minivan, only a bit taller for those who don’t want the minivan stigma. The steering is direct, and the driving experience is more agi

via 2012 Chevrolet Traverse LTZ: Review notes – Autoweek.

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